Integrity in a Nutshell

  1. We all have three core drives. They are:
    Authenticity -- personal wellbeing and being your true self
    Connection -- nourising and productive co-creation with others
    Impact -- making a positive difference in your world
    Understanding your three core drives turns integrity from a vague concept into a practical necessity.
  2. Aligning your three core drives is the essence of integrity.
    Integrity is three dimensional:
    Being authentic is integrity with yourself.
    Connection is integrity with others.
    Impact is integrity with collective highest good.
    The secret to true fulfillment is living in integrity with all three of your Core Drives.
  3. Personal, relationship, and leadership development share the same building blocks: a set of seven core life skills called WisePassions. They are explored in depth in Dr. David Gruder's latest book, The New IQ: How Integrity Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World and The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook. Upgrading your WisePassions is the single biggest key to living in integrity with your three core drives.
  4. Humanity must leap forward in integrity if we are to survive collectively. The key to upgrading integrity is for each of us to become equally responsible to ourselves, to those with whom we interact, and to collective highest good. This is simply another way of saying that the key to the upshift in humanity we so dearly need today is for each of us to live in fuller integrity with all three of our core drives.
  5. What is truly good for you is good for the universe. Integrity with your three core drives is as important for your own wellbeing and fulfillment as it is for all of your personal and work relationships and as it is for making a positive difference in the world. Whatever the problem, look to your integrity for the remedy.

The New IQ provides you with more complete and practical ways of understanding and benefiting from integrity than you have ever known. It opens secret doorways into more fulfillment than you may have ever dreamed possible as you upgrade your integrity.

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