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Overview: How Integrity Got Divorced from Mental Health, Profits & Public Service

In the latter part of the 20th century, integrity and ethics seemed to become situational. Personal integrity was increasingly divorced from prosperity and from how individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments functioned. The more severe this split became, the more confused and frightened people became about pursuing their quest for purpose, individual freedom, prosperity, and making a positive difference in the world.

For much of the 20th century intelligence was largely focused on various aspects of the intellect. In the 1990s Daniel Goleman drove home the importance of emotional intelligence in our personal and work life, producing positive changes in businesses and at home. Integrity is the most important intelligence of the 21st century. The Integrity Factor™ is the glue that holds together our intellect, emotional intelligence and character.

During the past 50-60 years this glue has dramatically weakened. This is the root cause of why the fabric of our society has eroded so severely. The time has come for businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, public servants and helping professionals to join together to restore that glue.

Dr. Gruder's lastest multi-award-winning work shepherds individuals, organizations and leaders through the next stage beyond emotional intelligence by helping individuals, organizations and leaders restore integrity to the fabric of life. Not only in their personal and work lives, but in our collectiv choicemaking as organizations and as a society.

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Services for Companies, Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Dr. Gruder helps companies, entrepreneurs and leaders make sure their strategies, accountability mechanisms, problem-solving methods and staff development programs fully support their mission statement, goals and core values. A book-award-winner in "Conscious Business & Leadership," and "Social Change" and "Current Events in Politics & Society," he does this by combining his three decades of experience as a clinical and organizational psychologist with his expertise in integrity restoration and development.

In the age of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), spending millions upon millions of dollars to manipulate government officials is not the most sustainable way for businesses to make it exceedingly difficult for government to over-regulate them. The most sustainable way to prevent government over-regulation is to enact business adaptations of two key ethics principles from the fields of psychology and medicine: The Hippocratic Oath and Informed Consent.

  • The Hippocratic Oath = First do no harm. Applied to businesses, this means making profits providing products and services that at minimum don't harm people, and that preferably contribute to their sustainable happiness not merely their short-term gratification. (This is, in fact, the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility.)
  • Informed Consent = Help consumers make truly well-informed choices about the products and services they buy instead of manipulating them into their purchase decisions through the profoundly unethical marketing tactic ofManufactured Consent.
  • Dr. Gruder can help you or your business come into customized alignment with the Hippocratic Oath and develop profit-enhancing marketing strategies that focus on Informed Consent rather than on manufacturing consent.
  • Read a summary of Dr. Gruder's blueprint for socially responsible free-market capitalism

Businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders can also greatly benefit from psychology 's invaluable tools for upgrading the following qualities, with Dr. Gruder's assistance:

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Services for Those in Public Service

Dr. Gruder helps leaders in public office and other government service roles develop effective ways to maintain their integrity without committing political suicide.

As a clinical and organizational psychologist Dr. Gruder views elected officials essentially as "psychotherapists whose client is the common good." They are just as responsible for facilitating societal wellbeing as psychotherapists are for facilitating individual wellbeing. And they have as much social responsibility with their "societal client" as psychotherapists have individual responsibility psychotherapists with their "individual clients."

Mental health professionals are required to undergo extensive ethics training prior to licensure, and must take a number of hours of supplemental ethics training each time each license renewal cycle. Dr. Gruder advocates that public servants voluntarily choose to hold themselves to similar standards. Specifically, he advocates that they undergo extensive ethics training before or upon taking office, briefer ethics training upgrades each year they remain in public service, and confidential private ethics consultations as needed to navigate ethics dilemmas in socially and personally responsible ways that also earn the respect of their constituents.

Having assisted local politicians to World Trade Organization ambassadors, Dr. Gruder welcomes the opportunity to combine his expertise in ethics and integrity training with his experience in leadership roles and in organizational development consulting to help public officials navigate the ethical and social responsibility complexities of public service. To contact Dr. Gruder for this assistance click here.

Services for Helping Professionals

Dr. Gruder helps helping professionals (in the areas of healthcare, mental health, coaching & spiritual direction) create semi-passive income streams by mentoring you step-by-step in transforming your expertise into products that free you from solely relying on the income you generate from the services you provide. A book-award-winner in "Health & Wellness," "Mental Health," "Self-Help," and "Meta-psychology," he does this by combining what he did to create and sustain a waiting-list private practice with his expertise in helping therapists and coaches ethically monetize their know-how.

Transform Your OWN Know-How Into Information Products: Develop your own workshops, books, audios, and/or website, around your own areas of expertise to create semi-passive income streams. Receive complete soup-to-nuts mentoring through Dr. Gruder's expertise in socially responsible mission statement creation, curriculum development, info product or workshop selection & development, website creation, internet marketing, speaker training, media training, and more.For more details click here.

Channel Your Know-How Through an Existing Framework: Become a Life Makeover TheraCoach based on Dr. Gruder's complete ready-made curriculum: his six-award-winning book, The New IQ, and its accompanying step-by-step guide to creating sustainable happiness, health, love and abundance through enhanced personal integrity and social responsibility. For more details click here.

Leverage Your Credibility by Selling Already-Available Products That Complement the Services You Provide: Affiliate programs and network marketing products are two particularly goods way to do this.  An affiliate program example is Dr. Gruder's own Integrity Revolution Affiliate Program. A network marketing example is a particular Stem Cell Health product line. Secrets to success include selecting products you feel passionate about building a business around, and knowing how to implement best strategies for effective business building. For more information click here.