The Age of Self-Centered Self-Improvement is Over.
The Age of Socially Responsible Life Fulfillment Has Begun.
Don't Get Left Behind as a Helping Professional!

Are You a Talented Human Potential Professional Who…

  1. Recognizes that today's massive social and economic problems were caused by narcissism, entitlement, and greed?
  2. Knows that these integrity deficits resulted from a faulty life fulfillment formula that the human potential movement unintentionally helped promote?
  3. Believes human potential professionals have an ethical responsibility to help their clients create personal and career fulfillment, loving and productive relationships, and financial wellbeing, without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility?
  4. Has passion about helping the human potential usher in the age of socially responsible self-development?
  5. Wants to build a prosperous practice filled with clients seeking sustainable happiness, health, love and abundance by becoming the change they want to see in the world?

The more of these questions you answered "yes" to, the more you're likely to value the Full-Spectrum Mentoring options that I offer. I invite you to read below about the options available to you. If you decide you want to seriously explore the possibility of my assisting you, I will look forward with great enthusiasm to hearing from you!

Be the change you want to see in the world so you can faciliate your clients to do this too,
David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

Full Spectrum Mentoring With Dr. Gruder

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What is Full-Spectrum Mentoring?

You don't need me to tell you that there's a whole lot more to being a successful helping professional today than there used to be. You might be a helping professional for long enough to remember when most helping professionals could make a relatively decent living through a full-time private practice or even working for an agency.

As you know, those days are largely gone. Between the rising costs of doing business, the decreasing amounts of health insurance reimbursement and the time consuming volume of paperwork required by managed care, and the state of the economy, most helping professionals are hurting.

Short of getting out of the field, there are five possible responses to this. And frankly, the first three suck:

  1. Burnout: Try to build a greater-than-full-time practice at the expense of your life balance and working with clients you'd rather not work with (if you can even find the extra clients!)
  2. Sacrifice: Pare back your desired lifestyle so paying your bills requires a lot less money
  3. Frustration: Take on an additional job, such as working in an agency, even if you don't enjoy your role or its constraints on the way you provide services
  4. Fufillment: Develop new ways of helping people that enable you to ONLY work with clients who TRULY want what you MOST love to offer, who happily pay your full fee, and who are so delighted with what they receive that they fill your practice for you without you saying a word
  5. Freedom: Monetize your know-how into financially rewarding psychoeducational programs (in person, by phone, or over the internet) and/or information products (books, audios, membership websites, etc.) that produce semi-passive streams of income for you

If you're looking for options four and/or five, and you answered "yes" to most or all of the questions I asked at the top of this page, then it's highly likely that what you're looking for and the Full-Spectrum Mentoring I provide are an outstanding match. You see, just as there's a whole lot more to being a successful helping professional than there used to be, there's a whole lot more to being mentored than there used to be. That's why I created Full-Spectrum Mentoring. It includes seven modules. Together we will select your best combination of these modules for your goals and then customize each to fit your needs:

  • MODULE 1 - Become the Change You Want to Facilitate in Your Clients: Would you like facilitation in completing your own Sustainable Happiness Life Makeover™? If so, I would be honored to do this with you, using The New IQ book & workbook, and my Hijacking of Happiness material, as the foundation. As a side-benefit you'll start learning the art of becoming a Life Makeover TheraCoach™ (see module 3 for more).
  • MODULE 2 - Undertake a Practice Makeover™: Would you like to rebuild your practice so you ONLY work with clients who TRULY want what you MOST love to offer, happily pay your full fee, and are so delighted with what they receive that they fill your practice for you without you saying a word? Building a practice around this intention is how I created a sustained waiting list practice, 100% free of managed care. I did this by trial and error. You get to learn how to do by design what I learned to do by the seat of my pants.
  • MODULE 3 - Facilitate the Change You Want to See in the World: A particularly powerful way that helping professionals are uniquely positioned to do this is by mastering a complete curriculum for providing Sustainable Happiness Life Makeovers™ as a Life Makeover TheraCoach™. This is a refreshingly rewarding and fun alternative to treating the endless symptoms parade we usually assist with as helping professionals. If this is one of the mentoring options you select, you'll not only learn how to facilitate makeovers in person, but via phone and/or via webcam too!
  • MODULE 4 - Amplify Your Impact With Clients: Do you want to take your effectivness as a practitioner to the next level? I delight in providing case consultations and in helping new and seasoned practitioners deepen and expand their assessment and intervention skills. I particularly delight in helping practitioners integrate all the tools on their tool belt so they can deftly move among them based on client need. For more about the many tools in which I am trained consult my Vita. Do you have a particular interest in developing or refining your Energy Psychology skills? For nearly 15 years I have trained literally thousands of practitioners in various aspects of these methods. (To learn even more about my background as one of the Energy Psychology field's pioneers and leaders, click here or go to
  • MODULE 5 - Develop Your Own Psychoeducational Programs or Products: Are you interested in monetizing your know-how into personally fulfilling and financially rewarding psychoeducational programs (in person, by phone, or over the internet), and/or information products (books, audios, membership websites, etc.) that produce semi-passive streams of income for you? It would be a joy to help you: A) Develop or upgrade an integrated career master plan that is your unique combination of direct services and psychoeducational programs/products; B) Identify your best topics for speaking engagements, workshops and/or or information products; C) Upgrade your curriculum development and/or writing skills with these topics; D) Master the art of designing learning exercises for these topics; and E) Produce your speaking and workshop programs, individual info products, and/or membership websites that generate monthly residual income. You'll benefit not only from my extensive training in how to do all of these things, but in how to use your programs, products and the internet to generate interest in any premium options (high priced services and/or products) you may be interested in offering as well.
  • MODULE 6 - Produce & Market Your Practice, Programs & Products Ethically, Effectively & Enjoyably: Do you want to learn strategies to supercharge your practice/business development, event production, or marketing efforts? My ethics expertise combined with my extensive training in internet marketing strategies and extensive experience in producing both events and products, means you can expand your horizons in ways that won't compromise your integrity, and identify which marketing strategies best serve what you're marketing AND best match your marketing style.
  • MODULE 7 - Refine Your Practice Management Acumen: Do you feel a need to clarify your scope of practice, professional boundaries, and logistical/financial policies. Are you wanting to optimize your work-life balance? Let's collaborate to help you get the upper hand on these crucial practice and business management dimensions.

With these Full-Spectrum Mentoring modules in mind, let me ask you a question: Do you know a clinical and organizational psychologist offering consultations who has sufficient training and experience to offer an even broader range of mentoring options than you just read about? If so, I encourage you to consider utilizing that person instead of me. If not, I encourage you to contact me so we can determine together whether what you most want and what I most love to offer is an ideal match! Because, if it is, what I can offer you will easily be worth at least twice the amount I charge.

Why do I charge less than I could? Three reasons: 1) I love mentoring; 2) I only do a little of it these days so I don't need this to be my biggest profit center; and 3) I have other ways of making more money. I like the idea of continuing to do something I love at a price that's more affordable to my colleagues. We both win... and so will those you serve.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Click now to view specially discounted fees for ACEP and CEO Space members, and to arrange your free 15 minute consult to see if this fully customized one-on-one mentoring opportunity is right for you!

We can do mentoring...
in person, and by phone, webcam (via Skype), and e-mail.

We can meet...
weekly, every other week or monthly, depending on your goals and limitations.

I only work with a maximum of five helping professionals at a time (in addition to remaining available on an as-needed basis for prior mentees). Will YOU be one of them?
LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: ACT NOW! Click to view specially discounted ACEP & CEO Space member fees, and to arrange your free 15 minute consult!



Become a Life Makeover TheraCoach™

My schedule doesn't allow me to provide many life makeovers based on The New IQ material on integrity-centered life fulfillment. So, I have opened some time to mentor five hand-selected helping professionals who feel passionate enough about The New IQ material to want to become Life Makeover TheraCoaches™. Will you be one of them?

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Click to see my fees and arrange your free 15 minute consult so you can determine whether what you want and what I offer are the best possible match for you!



Why Invite Me to Mentor You?

I am a clinical and organizational psychologist who has been providing training and consultations for nearly 40 years.

  • In 1972 I started training and supervising crisis intervention volunteers at a county hotline in in rural upstate New York. I went on to train and supervise peer counselors in Southern California during the second half of the 1970s. In the late 1970s I began supervising large numbers of masters-level psychology graduate students even though I myself was still in my doctoral program in San Diego (I had by then completed my graduate school training in providing supervision).
  • In 1980 I opened in north coastal San Diego county what became a sustainable waiting list private psychotherapy practice that was 100% independent of managed care.
  • My focus gradually shifted toward mentoring fellow helping professionals and people in leadership roles in business, nonprofits, politics, and religion. Above and beyond assisting private practice helping professionals, the consulting and training I have provided has ranged from family-owned businesses to American Express work teams, from Wellcoaches® to the Sanoviv Medical Institute to the San Diego Office of Education Management Academy, and from local politicians to World Trade Organization ambassadors.
  • I was the co-founder and first President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and a core architect of its certification programs and code of ethics. I continue with ACEP today as a certification program full trainer, certification consultant, Energy Psychology for Everyone program trainer, and approved continuing education provider.
  • My career today primarily focuses on speaking, training, providing media interviews (Radio & Television Interview Reports dubbed me “America’s Integrity Expert”), creating information products (my two print books have won a total of eight awards), and doing the internet marketing necessary to promote those products. AND I continue to passionately love doing mentoring, which is why I continue to assist helping professionals and leaders on a limited basis.
  • (You can view my full bio by clicking here or going to

These days I mentor a maximum of five helping professionals at a time (in addition to remaining available as needed to prior mentees). We can meet in person, and by webcam (via Skype), phone, and/or email. We can meet weekly, every other week, or once a month, depending on your goals and limitations. Click here to see my fees and arrange your free 15 minute consult to see if there's a right match between what you want and what I offer!

Benefits of Being Mentored by Dr. Gruder...

...As described by a few of the helping professionals he has mentored...

David’s mentorship put me light years ahead in understanding some of my complex client cases. His clarifications of what I was missing with my clients, sensitively delivered, sparked spontaneous revelations for me -- personally as well as clinically. This gift of David’s to care for a mentee in ways that stimulate their personal growth while developing their clinical depth, accelerated the speed of my progress and made me a more confident practitioner. David is a true blessing to work with."
~ June Timberlake, MFT, Northern California

David is an awesome teacher, consultant and mentor. He is organized, systematic and communicates even complex material with unusual clarity. He “meets” people at their level of understanding in respectful, encouraging ways. His enthusiasm is contagious. David's guidance throughout my entire Energy Psychology certification process was instrumental in helping me learn ways to integrate energy healing protocols with the deeper aspects of psychological principles. He is no “cookie cutter” psychologist! An unexpected result of our work together was an increase in my intuitive skills. Perhaps it was there all along, but David’s consulting and mentoring style is such that I was free to open up to myself in the process - something you can’t buy. David is priceless.”
~ Joanne Karpinen, PhD, Michigan

Dr. Gruder has a unique ability to ascertain practitioner strengths and weaknesses in order to help them excel as helping professionals without sacrificing integrity with the standards of their own profession. I also greatly respect his ability to be direct and to the point without being critical, because he sees opportunities instead of obstacles! His knowledge base is tremendous, and he has many tools on his tool belt. Best of all, he does not allow ego to interfere, which in my opinion is one of the hardest things to come by in a consultant or mentor. For all of these reasons and more, I highly recommend Dr. Gruder to helping professionals, especially more experienced ones, seeking a consultant or mentor.”
~ Cheri Holloway, OMD, D.Ac., NMD, Kansas
I consider myself very lucky to have had David as my ACEP Certification Consultant. He is not just a superlative energy psychologist; he is a consummate therapist. I learned from him the finer points about energy psychology and was a grateful recipient of his broad-based clinical lore and therapeutic wisdom. David has a way of clarifying complexities to get to the essential take-aways. He answered all of my questions in a way that not only addressed what I thought I was asking, but also went well beyond to what I really needed to learn. Most importantly of all, David provided mentoring that was rigorous but always very supportive. He is fabulous.”
~ Louisa Mattson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist & Career Management Consultant, Massachussetts
Thanks so much for your incredible gifts, openness, and excellent way of teaching.”
~ B. Raven Lee, PhD, Southern California
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"Dr. Gruder is the ultimate professional as a coach. He is a perfect listener and his coaching process is well attuned to my individual needs. I get the technical information I need without any doubt or stumbling. His answers always precisely fit the context of my questions. He seamlessly connects my questions regarding real clients to the learning material we’re covering, and this greatly deepens my grasp of the material and skills I want to master. Our dialogue is so engaging that an hour often feels like five minutes. Even though I pay Dr. Gruder by the hour, the immense value I get through his high quality mentorship, and the vast amounts of time I save by tapping into his broad range of expertise, are worth many times more than his hourly fee."
~ Ubald Hullin, Psychologist, Stuttgart, Germany