Get the Upper Hand With Your Inner Critic
The "From Inner Critic to Inner Helper" Home Study Course



Would you like to get the upper hand on your over-critical inner voice? You know: the part of us we all have that shames ourselves and blames others? Are you tired of being tyrannized by this inner shaming and outer blaming?


Now is the time to get the upper hand with your Inner Critic.

In this comprehensive 90+ page downloadable and printable home study course on developing internal boundaries, Dr. Gruder guides you step-by-step through eye-opening, transformational mini-projects for breaking free of being controlled by your Inner Critic: the shaming-blaming part of you that keeps you on a merry-go-round between being overly harsh and overly compliant.

The exercises in this eBook revolve around a powerful and unique four-step process for transforming your Inner Critic into a more helpful member of your “community of self:”

  1. Recognize (notice when your Inner Critic is active);
  2. Refrain (stop your automatic tendency to believe your Critic’s messages);
  3. Reframe (find useful grains of truth hidden in your Critic’s messages); and
  4. Retrain (mature your Critic into the helpful advisor it was meant to become before it deteriorated).

Also included is a worksheet pulling all four steps together to help you effectively deal with your Inner Critic in real life situations.

You can read this downloadable PDF on your computer or print it on your computer printer.

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