Conquering Anger Mountain™: Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™


Did you know that anger comes in four distinctly different varieties and that each one needs to be dealt with differently from the others?

This eye-opening and practical primer by anger literacy & effectiveness expert Dr. David Gruder acquaints you with these four flavors of anger and how to handle each one effectively, in yourself and with others.

Anger_MountainThrough this comprehensive power-packed basic training manual in anger literacy, you will discover how to:

  1. Prevent anger from developing in the first place
  2. Unwind escalating anger before it turns ugly
  3. Sanely handle “flooding,” where anger has escalated beyond the point of no return
  4. Complete recycling anger instead of remaining imprisoned by it and having to repeatedly manage the damage it does each time it resurfaces
  5. Repair the damage done when anger turns harmful and create do-able plans for handling future similar situations a realistic step better

If you’re ready to conquer your — and other people’s — anger mountain, this eye-opening soup-to-nuts online training program is for you!

Course Overview Video

This video describes in more detail what’s awaiting you in the Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™ online program.

Sample Testimonial

“Thank you so much for this brilliant resource. I’ve read a lot on anger and emotions over the years but this, in my opinion, is the best worked-out practical understanding of emotional signals and how to work with them for good health and harmony that I have ever seen.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to have come across this and your other resources on “Boundaries” and “Silencing the Inner Critic“, which are such simple and effective manuals for living.

With the increasing recognition of just how much damage we do to our health by repressing and distorting our emotional signals (for instance, via the work of John Sarno regarding chronic pain syndromes, and Mickel and Reverse Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia), your training is invaluable.

Thank you for making this wonderful material available at such an affordable price.”

-Beth Spencer, Australia

Enroll Now Before the Price Goes Up

At only US$149, the Conquering Anger Mountain™ Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™ course is easily worth at $500, according to those who have completed this course. You can’t afford to not grab your access before the price goes up, as it definitely will in the future… so enroll NOW!

GUARANTEE: You won’t find a more complete soup-to-nuts basic guide to navigating anger anywhere at any price. If you do within 3 months of enrolling, direct Dr. Gruder to that resource and he will personally refund your entire purchase price for the Conquering Anger Mountain™ course.


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