Why Do Candidates With High Integrity Fail in American Politics?

by Dr. David Gruder

I just read a post on another blog asking the question, "What does it say about American politics when the people with the most integrity flop fantastically? "

What I believe it says is that far too many people are unclear about what integrity really is. For most people, integrity is a vague and abstract philosophical concept rather than the concrete and actionable way of life that it can become once we understand just a little bit about our three core drives for personal authenticity, connection with others and having positive impact in the world.

3D Integrity lives at the intersection of these three core drives. The more the American people, and people from all countries around the world, understand this, the more easily they will be able to spot true integrity in their political candidates and other leaders.

My new and highly acclaimed new book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World provides this clarity that is especially important during a presidential election year.

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  • rickcad
    February 14, 2008

    It is my belief that most politicians are Narcissists. Narcissistic dysfunction needs to feed the ego at almost any cost. This explains to me why most politicians can easily lie – read my lips, no new taxes – I didn’t have sex with that woman, and it goes on and on. What’s even worse is that the entire system is designed around corruption – special interests, earmarks, etc. and is propelled by billions of dollars.

    My experience with Narcissistic people is that they almost never change in the direction of integrity. With the illegal immigration out of control we have a new problem of 3rd world people that will need to shed their religious strangle hold and evolve into integrity.

    I think it would take a cataclysmic event to change our government. I hope I am wrong.

    We are fortunate to live well from the sacrifices of those before us, but the government is like a cancerous inoperable tumor  – you can’t remove it, you can’t change its direction, and it just keeps getting larger and continues to destroy the body until it is sick and dysfunctional.

    It amazes me how, after more then $500 billion on an endless war, stealing from the social security fund, not fixing illegal immigration, breaking the laws of the constitution, etc. the people of this country can support the democratic and republican puppets who all are working for the same elite, but different special interests. The only candidate I have ever seen with integrity is Ron Paul, but without the media and the big money working against him, he has little chance of the presidency.

    All I can say is enjoy the freedoms you have now because they are being slowly eroded away.

    Hopefully, David’s integrity training will catch on and change the world – I’m trying to do my part.





  • David
    February 15, 2008

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your post and for doing your part to help spark the integrity revolution we so deeply need today. I hope you participate regularly on the blog and in the forums on TheNewIQ.com website.

    I too used to wonder whether most politicians suffered from a form of narcissism that was too deep to do anything about. The more I have assisted political leaders the more I have come to appreciate that a significant minority of them truly want to make a positive difference in the world.

    The problem I see is that too many of these folks believe they can do this without cleaning up their own baggage or learning how to truly collaborate with others. Too many quickly become lost in the polarized politics of ideology, special interests, and trying to control symptoms rather than solve our problems at a root cause level.

    I have no interest in trying to assist politicians or anyone else who is entrenched in toxic narcissism. I have huge interest in assisting those who realize that what they are doing isn’t working and who are sincerely willing to upgrade the Seven WisePassions of personal, relationship and leadership integrity that I talk about in depth in The New IQ and provide self-assessments and exercises for upgrading in The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook.

    Keep being an integrity spark,

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