Today's economic, political & ideological crisis -- marked by pervasive integrity deficits -- were caused by a faulty version of “having it all.” This is the fundamental error that fuels the financial greed & power craving that most people blame for our problems. But, the unquenchable thirst for money & power are not the cause; they're a symptom. And until the cause is eradicated the symptoms will continue, no matter what window dressing various groups have been trying to put over them.

The good news about our current societal chaos is that it is making it possible for a brilliant new vision to be birthed. One that will finally lead to the solutions we need. It's an integrity-centered socially responsible version of “having it all.” And it includes five key formulas:

  1. A formula for sustainable happiness that frees us from the false one that was installed at the end of World War II
  2. A formula for sustainable health that frees us from the damage of illness-perpetuating symptom control
  3. A formula for sustainable prosperity that frees us from greed and ushers in an age of collaborative capitalism
  4. A formula for mature citizenship & patriotism that returns responsibility to being just as important as freedom
  5. A formula for problem-solving that ends the profound damage that coercion and compromise have been creating

These five new formulas are the antidote to the narcissistic excesses, entitlement mentality, and polarized politics that have gradually crippled our society -- and our planet -- over the past few decades. This new version of “having it all” is sparking the integrity renaissance we so deeply need today!

The glue that holds these five formulas together is the combination of three key commonsense ingredients that are at the core of being human:

  1. Being truly authentic as an individual
  2. Creating durable nourishing collaborative connections with others
  3. Having a sustainably positive impact in your whatever your chosen spheres of influence happen to be

Authenticity is self-integrity. Connection is relationship integrity. And impact is societal integrity. These key dimensions of our core humanity cut across political lines, faiths, and ideologies. Thus, they hold the key to our restoration as individuals, families, communities, businesses, society, & as a planet.

Welcome to the Integrity Renaissance! I’m Dr. David Gruder, CEO and founder of Integrity Culture Systems™. I am a clinical & organizational development psychologist, and an international speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor, and multi-award-winning author. Among my books is a six-award-winner, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World, and its accompanying implementation guide (workbook), provide you with a complete step-by-step system for developing the key life skills that make the new version of "having it all" possible. This is the start of the next major chapter in the human potential movement: Unified Human Potential.

I made this material available becoming who we truly are, and making the differences we're truly here to make, is a lifelong journey, not a steady state of being. I know this firsthand because this material grew out of the massive integrity challenges I myself went through between 1998 and 2002. I learned from these back-to-back-to-back life upheavals how creating sustainable happiness, health, prosperity, impact, and integrity, requires an integrated strategy... not a pile of haphazard books, workshops & personal transformation experiences.

The Unified Human Potential™ skills you will develop through upgrading your "Integrity IQ" form the foundation for personal, relationship & family wellbeing, business success, restoring a healthy government, and repairing the torn fabric of our society & our planet. They are the foundational keys to making sure that the sustainable happiness, health, prosperity, governance & integrity we so deeply need today actually occurs.

Please join me in sparking a Happiness & Integrity Renaissance by becoming the change you want to see while facilitating that change in your chosen spheres of influence. Read “The Hijacking of Integrity & You” section of this website to learn about the "five key formulas" and then start using The New IQ road map & implementation system available through this website to take back your power & use it wisely, so you can embody the new version of "Having It All" in ways that actually work.

To purchase The New IQ material in bulk for your organization, or to invite me to provide an keynote or training program, consult with me, or to schedule a media interview with me, please contact me.

Welcome to the Integrity Renaissance and thanks in advance for becoming part of it!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP
Integrity Culture Systems™ Founder & CEO