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Sample Audios of Dr. Gruder Presenting & Being Interviewed

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Why We Need an Integrity Revolution

In this American Dreamers radio interview, CEO Space Founder B.J. Dohrmann talks with Dr. Gruder about how integrity and happiness got divorced, and how to reunite the two. To listen, CLICK HERE.

Link to Numerous Radio Interviews

Listen to Dr. Gruder being interviewed on the Michael Dresser show, The Bottom Line, The Prospect Profiler, Take Charge of Your Productivity, TruTalk Live, and In Other Words: Click Here

‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show: The Tiger Woods Scandal —  Click to Listen

Links to Video Interviews

Watch Dr. Gruder being interviewed on…

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation Channel: How Leaders Create or Unintentionally Perpetuate Problems — Click to View

Defining Moment TV Show: Three-Part Interview on Personal, Citizen, and Leadership Integrity —  Click to View

David LaRoche World: Ten Videos Covering Personal & Business Integrity Intelligence, Doing the Right Thing, How Dr. Gruder Approaches Life Challenges, Messages for Millennials, & Energy Psychology Methods — Click to View

2008 Promo Video About Dr. Gruder (old but still informative): Click to View


Integrity in the Workplace: The Hardest Jobs to Have Integrity

This is the audio of Dr. Gruder’s April 2009 monthly appearance on radio veteran Lee Mirabal’s show,Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor. The four-segment recording below features the show format that is the centerpiece of the new radio show that Gruder and Mirabal will co-host, called “Integrity Talk Radio.” This live call-in show will air on the Advice Radio Network and will be syndicated throughBrainfood Radio Syndication. The show’s expected starting date is projected to be July 2, 2009. This information will be updated and expanded upon as soon as final confirmation about the air time is received. You will find Lee Mirabal’s bio immediately beneath the four audio segments below…

Dr. David Gruder stops by to speak with lee about integrity in the workplace.

Lee Mirabal’s Bio
Lee Mirabal is a radio broadcast professional with over 40 years in the business. Her career has included on air hosting of music, talk and news formats. She was a syndicated talk show host in over 250 markets. She is an award-winning copywriter of commercials including 16 ADDY Awards. Lee’s voice is heard on over 4,000 radio and TV spots and audio-visual presentations. It has been used by NASA paging systems and other “sensitive” voicing requirements. Ms. Mirabal is included in the exclusive Top 100 List of “Most Influential Voices in America.” Ms. Mirabal has interviewed hundreds of Best Selling authors, celebrities, personalities and politicians on her radio show and for news and features. This impressive list includes Jimmy Carter, Jerry Brown, H. Ross Perot, Senators and Representatives from all states, Nancy Regan and other prominent wives of politicians. Willie Nelson, Chuck Berry, Waylon Jennings, Mick Jagger, Barry White, Johnny Paycheck, Dr. Hook, Dolly Parton, Marty Robbins, Emmy Lou Harris and more have shared their hopes, dreams and accomplishments with this velvet tongued siren of the airwaves. As the VP of Programming for wsRadio.com, her duties include new show development and host talent, building new networks online, and hosting of “The Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Show” which is not only broadcast via the internet but is syndicated on traditional radio as well.

The Power of Integrity: From Disintegration to Integration

“Maybe our political and economic system should just declare moral bankruptcy and start over.”
— Swami Beyondananda

Steve Bhaerman interviews Dr. Gruder on his Heartland Security radio show, on the World Puja Network on March 24, 2009. Listen here: http://www.worldpuja.org/archives/2009-03-24

Considering all the finger pointing going on during our current economic and political crises, we might remember the old adage that for every finger that points to someone else, three point back to oneself. Join Steve Bhaerman and his alter ego, Swami Beyondananda, as they interview guest Dr. David Gruder about “The New IQ” – Integrity Intelligence. Writes Gruder, “People from all walks for life, cultural backgrounds, ideologies and political orientations are reconnecting with the crucial importance of restoring integrity in our society. The New Silent Majority is weary of our culture of spin (deception) and our politics of polarization (hatred). The key to doing your part to help end our current Age of Spin & Polarization is to become a Freesponsible Citizen: someone who lives their daily life at the intersection of individual freedom and societal responsibility.”

Listen to the interview: http://www.worldpuja.org/archives/2009-03-24

Why Integrity Intelligence is the Most Important Intelligence for Our Time

Linda Mackenzie interviews Dr. Gruder on March 10, 2009 about the connection between integrity deficits and the issues we face as a society and as individuals. Click on the Linda MacKenzie Show link below, scroll down to the 3/10/2009 show and click on Dr. Gruder’s name to activate the audio.
The Linda Mackenzie Show

How Debtism Has Replaced Capitalism & How Debtism Has Destroyed Financial Integrity

Click the right arrow below to listen to a recording of Jack Ebling of WILS in Lansing Michigan interviewing Dr. David Gruder on September 23, 2008 about how Debtism is destroying Financial Integrity and has replaced healthy capitalism. Ebling said this about Dr. Gruder following the interview: Great job on the show yesterday. I thought it was a very strong segment – one of the two best of the 13 interviews we’ve aired since this chaos began.”

Four Major Challenges to a Successful Obama Presidency

The next interview was recorded the day of Barack Obama’s first major speech to Congress as President, February 24, 2009. Mary Jane Popp interviews Dr. Gruder on her Poppoff With Mary Janeradio show on KAHI in Sacramento California about the four major challenges to a successful Obama presidency:

MP3 File

Restoring Economic and Political Integrity

This is a recording of Dr. Gruder being interviewed by radio veteran Lee Mirabal on Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor about a range of integrity-related topics connected with politics, the economy and more:

A Fresh Look at Life Fulfillment During Difficult Times

The link below takes you to a radio interview in which Dr. Gruder is being asked about the core premises of his three-award-winning book on integrity intelligence, The New IQ:

The Origins of Dr. Gruder’s Multi-Award-Winning Integrity Education Material

In this six minute introductory audio, Dr. Gruder describes How The New IQ Developed.

MP3 File

An Introduction to 3D Integrity: Self-Integrity, Relationship Integrity and Societal Integrity

In this eight minute Introduction to 3D Integrity, Dr. Gruder summarizes what is perhaps the most practical way of understanding and embodying integrity available today.

MP3 File

Energy Psychology

In this four minute television video from CTV (Canadian television network), Dr. Gruder is being interviewed about an Energy Psychology event but he is able to also touch upon his book about integrity and fulfillment, entitled The New IQ. (If you are unable to see the video below, you can download Apple’s QuickTime video viewing software free at:http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download)

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Four Major Challenges to a Successful Obama Presidency

The next interview was recorded the day of Barack Obama’s first major speech to Congress as President, February 24, 2009. Mary Jane Popp interviews Dr. Gruder on her Poppoff With Mary Janeradio show on KAHI in Sacramento California about the four major challenges to a successful Obama presidency:

MP3 File


How Integrity Deficits Created Our Economic Meltdown and the Recovery Plan We Really Need

In this next interview Pete Kaliner of WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina talks with Dr. Gruder on March 2, 2009 about about how integrity deficits America directly caused our current economic meltdown and why no Economic Recovery Plan has a chance of working unless it is an outgrowth of having first developed an Economic Integrity Recovery Plan. Listen to this interview by clicking on this link:http://commonsense.wbt.com and selecting March 2, 2009 on the calendar.

Mind, Brain & Body, Periodically Co-Hosted by Dr. Gruder

Dr. Gruder has been a periodic co-host on Dr. Michael Kell’s “Chats With Remarkable People” series. To view the range of topics he’s talked about, and to listen to your choice of them, CLICK HERE.