You will find on this page the free Redemption Plan Symptoms quiz I mention in my book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World. Before taking the quiz further below, it might help if you first aquaint yourself with how the term "Redemption Plan" is used in this material.

About Your Survival and Redemption Plans

The single biggest reason we compromise our integrity as adults is something called a Redemption Plan. I am referring here not to religious or spiritual redemption but rather to our ego’s false beliefs about what we must do to prove our worth to ourselves and others as adults.

This need to prove ourselves stems from our childhood. As children, all of us develop coping strategies to survive traumatic life experiences we have that we are not helped to turn into golden gifts rather than perpetual wounds. That set of strategies is called our Survival Plan.

A big part of what our Survival Plan was supposed to do was to get us all the connection, validation or safety we needed and deserved as children. Our Survival Plan gives us the hope we need in order to have sufficient motivation to pursue a better future rather than completely give up as children. Because Survival Plans are only partially effective at doing this, most of us enter adulthood with the profoundly limiting belief that there are prerequisites to deserving to feel lovable, valid, and worthy of the happiness we seek. This causes us as adults, whether consciously or unconsciously, to focus an awful lot of our attention on proving to others and ourselves that we are worthy of experiencing fulfillment and love. This is our Redemption Plan.

Since our Redemption Plan fails to purchase all the love, validation and happiness we seek, it eventually begins to crumbles to crumble. This leads some of us to switch to proving to others and ourselves that we don’t need anything from anyone, including love, validation and/or support. I refer to this in The New IQ as Survival Plan Attachment. What most of us don’t realize, because few of us are taught this, is that the crumbling of our Survival and Redemption Plans in adulthood is meant to mark the beginning of true adult development. The New IQ and its accompanying workbook provide a complete step-by-step road map for successfully undertaking this journey.

The point is that our ego’s Redemption Plan cannot succeed at making us feel fulfilled as adults any more than our Survival Plan did as children… no matter how hard we try. As a result, our Redemption Plan turns into a bottomless pit: no variety or amount of success can ever fill it, regardless of how much energy, willpower and money we throw at it. As I just mentioned, realizing this marks the beginning of true adult development, which has two main elements. The first is outgrowing the coping skills that run our Survival and Redemption Plans. The second is upgrading a key set of skills for thriving called the Seven WisePassions.

In The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World, you will discover, among many other things, six of the most common types of Redemption Plans, how to determine which types you use, the prices you pay when you are being controlled by your ego’s Redemption Plan, and how to outgrow it.

Your Redemption Plan Symptoms Checklist

The following checklist will show you the extent to which your Redemption Plan has you by the throat and how to recognize more quickly recognize when it is active in you. The strategies in The New IQand The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook will help you free yourself from the nasty clutches of your ego's Redemption Plan so you can live the life of fulfillment that you seek.
Instructions: Select the symptoms you are currently most prone to when you are exhausted or extremely stressed, whether in your personal life, at work, or in your ways of being of service in the world.

When I am not at my best...