The New Silent Majority

by Dr. David Gruder

I would like to share with you today something really remarkable that is being revealed by people’s responses to the keynotes, training, consulting and media interviews I have been providing since my two-award-winning book was released earlier this year (The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World).

A new Silent Majority now exists in the United States. It is quite different from the original Silent Majority that Pat Buchanan identified, named and helped mobilize a few decades ago.

Today’s new Silent Majority cuts across genders, generations, ethnicity, and political and religious orientations. It includes those who are pro-business and those who are pro-environment. It includes blue collar, white collar, and the emerging green collar workers. It includes leaders in all sectors of society.

What is the New Silent Majority?

The New Silent Majority is the vast numbers of people from all walks of life and positions in society who are utterly fed up with the lack of integrity and ethics that exists today in politics, business, religion, communities, journalism, economics, relationships, and individual citizens.

The New Silent Majority is the overwhelming percentage of our population who are deeply distressed about how integrity has been a dying value for the past few decades.

The New Silent Majority is thirsty for a comprehensive action-oriented vision of integrity that they can embrace, that finally re-connects integrity and life fulfillment.

The New Silent Majority is aching for a practical blueprint showing them how to embody integrity in their daily lives.

The New Silent Majority is searching for effective strategies that are within their power to use to help restore integrity into the fabric of all aspects of our society.

Are You a Member of the New Silent Majority?

If you are, it is important for you to know that you are FAR from alone — a majority of people from all walks of life are with you far more than you might have realized.

If you are, it is important for you to know that there is vast power in numbers — the original Silent Majority demonstrated that beyond a shadow of a doubt decades ago.

If you are, it is important for you to know that this power comes from unity, and that this occurs as a result of uniting behind a common vision and speaking a similar language as once voice — the original Silent Majority dramatically demonstrated this too.

How You Can Help Breathe Power Into the New Silent Majority

Here are three particularly important things you can do to help the New Silent Majority restore integrity into the fabric of society.

  1. Take Heart & Search for Evidence: Remember each day that you are coming into contact with far more people who are part of the New Silent Majority than you realize. These include a surprising number of people whose surface orientations appear to be quite different from your own. You will quickly find this to be true the more you ask others how they are impacted by today’s epidemic of lack of integrity.
  2. Be the Change You Want to See: Develop a clearer and more complete vision of what integrity is and how it is inextricably connected with life fulfillment. You will find such a vision in the two-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and our World. Develop the life skills required for integrity-centered life fulfillment. A step-by-step ten module curriculum helps you do this in The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook. Take a pledge to embody integrity in your daily life by going to
  3. Take Action as a Member of the New (formerly) Silent Majority: Become what is called in The New IQ material an Everyday Steward who embodies and facilitates integrity in your own spheres of influence in the ways that most fit your own unique skills and interests. The New IQ book and workbook show you how to do that. If you’re interested in making money selling The New IQ integrity material to others, join my Integrity Spark Affiliate Program by going to If you are a helping professional (mental health, allied health, coaching, clergy, educator, etc.) and want to become an Integrity Makeover Faciliator, go to for details.

If You Want to Help Create a Non-Profit to Help Unite the New Silent Majority, Please Contact Me!

The New Silent Majoriy includes many tens of millions of people who want to see integrity restored at all levels of society. As such, it could well become the largest voting block the United States has ever seen. It could thus help restore the most fundamental building block required for any republic that aspires to truly embody the principles of democracy: integrity.

In order for the New Silent Majority to unite to exert the full extent of the power that it is capable of exerting, it will take a solid core of talented and passionate individuals stepping forward to create and staff a non-profit organization for this purpose. What is needed to accomplish this is far more than I can do by myself.

If you would like to help (and you know in your heart of hearts whether you feel called to do this), please read The New IQ to find out if there is sufficient overlap between your vision and mine… and when you find that there is, please contact me to let me know the role you will like to play in helping to mobilize the New Silent Majority via a non-profit organization.

For starters, we will need people to set up a non-profit. We will need fundraisers and donors. We will need website designers and internet marketers. We will need media relations experts. And we will need administrative assistants to coordinate and implement all of the everyday tasks that will need to be handled.

When you are ready to contact me to get involved, send me an e-mail by going to and describing the role(s) you have the interest and skills to fill in helping to unite the New Silent Majority.

Together we can bring about the integrity revolution we so deeply need in today’s world.

Be an Integrity Spark beginning today.

The world needs you. Your relationships need you. You need you.

And if not now, when?

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  • traceylott
    August 21, 2008

    As an educator, I have witnessed a vast wave of the Silent Majority of teachers, parents and students, namely language learners, who are at the mercy of the closed-hands of NCLB (No Child Left Behind).  Since our country first began, America has opened its arms to an influx of immigrants whose children have a right to be educated in our country as our laws mandate.  However, little to no support is offered as our government watches these students drown in the sea of standardized tests.  In turn, funding for the schools is pulled because of these test scores which further solidifies a failing education system.

    Schools throughout the US are receiving a failing status based on these scores and yet the bar continues to be raised for the said schools to succeed per NCLB.  In turn, educators are pushed to provide students with an understanding of how to live in integrity and yet our education system does not.  Though educators are advocates for  their students, they are coerced  by leaders in the education field and our government to turn their heads from the reality of failing numbers and are pushed to remain positive and encouraging to students who are openly struggling which causes them to lose their own self-respect and self-esteem. 

    By 2012, it has been predicted that almost every public school in our country will fail at the mercy of the stipulations of NCLB.  Our language learners will most definitely fail as will our mainstream students.  In addition to losing educators, counselors, school supplies and learning materials, more institutionss will lose funding to implement the great practices of programs of character development, gang violence and bullying.  Because of our society’s lack of integrity, students need these programs now more than ever.

    Now is a time when when individuals involved in education, politics, business, religion, economics, etc. truly need integrity and a strong advocate or advocates for this. The upcoming election offers hope to our failing aspects of society, namely education.  Because of their concern for education and the future of each child, individual edcuators, parents and students are beginning to realize that they have influence over the sphere of education.  They are thirsty for leaders to set new standards, namely modify or change the parameters of NCLB, and to get to the root cause of our failing education system.  They look to support a president and a government who move with the wave of the New Silent Majority. 

    Dr. David Gruder, the Integrity Warrior and the purest advocate of integrity,  has completed his incredible work, THE NEW IQ: HOW INTEGRITY INTELLIGENCE SERVES YOU, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND OUR WORLD.  His work provides a basis for understanding integrity and our 3 Core Drives and how integrity influences each individual in our country.  This book is at the heart of the New Silent Majority which he rightfully advocates and which I fully support and adhere to throughout my work in the education field. 



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