The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence
Serves You, Your Relationships and
Our World

Self-Centered Self-Improvement is Dead.
Long Live Integrated Human Potential™!








* Do you wonder how integrity & happiness got divorced?
* Are you appalled by the vast damage this divorce has created?
* Do you want to know the specific steps you can take to reunite integrity and happiness?

If you value personal integrity and social responsibility, and you wonder how your quest for happiness, health, and prosperity -- or our society's -- drifted so far off course, you're going to love...

The New IQ: the 6-award-winning step-by-step action plan showing everyday people, businesses and leaders how to create success, abundance and impact WITHOUT sacrificing life balance, loved ones, social responsibility or personal integrity.

Finally... integrity is not only admirable but award-winning. If you're ready to be part of the solution -- for your own sake and for our society's sake -- you've been waiting for The New IQ. If you've found the guts to rebuild your around your authentic passions, your personal integrity and social responsibility, your life makeover begins now!

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What is the New IQ?

From the White House, to the board room, to the privacy of our own bedrooms, and virtually everywhere in between, the missing key to solving today's biggest issues is a restoration of integrity. To succeed, integrity must be transformed from a fuzzy and impersonal philosophical concept to a practical, action-oriented and deeply rewarding way of life.

That transformation begins with understanding that integrity includes self-integrity, relationship integrity and societal integrity. And with understanding that these aspects of 3D Integrity reflect the three innate drives we humans have that are our real recipe for life fulfillment: authenticity (being who we truly are), connection (bonding with others) and impact (positively influencing the world around us).

Practical integrity is a very specific set of seven key life skills. These are not merely the core ingredients for creating sustainable solutions to our current challenges in society, the economy, politics, and business, but for life fulfillment, great relationships, career success, and leadership. This is what makes Integrity Intelligence (The New IQ) arguably the most important form of intelligence we need in today's world. The form of truly useful intelligence that millions of people are searching for is the intelligence it takes to reunite authenticity, love, success, prosperity, and society, without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility.

What makes The New IQ both revolutionary and acclaimed is that it is the world's first complete road-tested guide to integrity-centered living, working, loving, and serving!

Dealing with today's vast array of major challenges calls upon us, as individuals and as a society, to take a fresh look at what creates life fulfillment. It calls upon us as citizens to develop a new vision of what to look for -- and require from -- our leaders in government, business, advocacy groups, community organizations and the media.

Hailed as a "once-in-a-generation book," The New IQ provides the first comprehensive step-by-step road map for restoring the vanishing virtue of integrity... for the sake of our loved ones, our communities, our businesses, our society, and our own personal wellbeing. Going far beyond being a typical self-help book, this critically acclaimed, six-award-winning action plan provides a socially responsible road map for attaining personal, relationship, and career fulfillment during difficult times without sacrificing ethics and integrity. It marks the dawn of truly Integrated Human Potential™.

Here, finally, is your guide to "Self Development That Serves Us All™." The New IQ book & Implementation Guide lays out:

  • The hidden factors that have REALLY been holding you back from happiness, authenticity, love, leadership, and prosperity.
  • The secrets "Natural Developers" use to create sustained happiness & life fulfillment that you too can use to get the same results.
  • A startlingly efficient way to upgrade your life fulfillment, love, abundance, job satisfaction, business profitability, social responsibility, leadership and integrity... all at the same time.

The New IQ provides the antidote to the greed, entitlement and narcissism causing the economic and social problems we suffer from today. Its timeless wisdom has been embraced across the political and faith spectrums.

Sound like more than one book can provide? A whopping six book awards in an unheard-of diversity of categories and scores of book endorsements by experts verify that this is the real thing.

Are YOU ready for a fresh look at life fulfillment and social responsibility that can protect you from continuing to be psychologically crushed by our current crises? You are moments away from discovering what may well be the most important book you will read this decade.


"I left a copy of The New IQ in the waiting area where I work and the book disappeared -- all of the other books in the waiting area were still there. So, I put out another copy of your book there. It, too, disappeared. The third copy disappeared as well. The next time, I put a note on it indicating that the book is available online and through bookstores, and all four copies were returned within a few days! I would take this as a sign that there is hunger for this information/experience. I ordered a number of copies of The New IQ workbook to put in the waiting room as well!" ~ Constance Wells, Senior Vice President, Walt Disney


The Core Message of the New IQ

We All Know Lack of Integrity Is Rampant Today in All Parts of the World: Our massive integrity problems have been caused by massively distorted ideas about what creates fulfillment. The most powerful path for restoring integrity thus starts with understanding what creates true and lasting fulfillment.

  • You Were Born with Three Core Drives: 1) Authenticity is your innate drive to be who you truly are. 2) Connection is your innate drive to bond with others. 3) Impact is your innate drive to influence the world around you.
  • Do You Really Want to Experience Fulfillment? If so, it's time to learn how to live in integrity with all three of your core drives, not just one or two of them.
  • Do You Really Value Integrity? True authenticity requires self-integrity. Nourishing, productive and durable connection requires relationship integrity. Positive impact requires societal integrity: integrity with the collectives of which you are a part, from your own family to the earth itself. Those who truly value integrity become good at making personal choices, and co-creating solutions with others, that simultaneously serve “we,” “me” and “us all.” This is 3D Integrity: the only sustainable path to a fulfilling future for us as individuals, for our relationships, for our society, for humanity as a whole, and for our planet.
  • Is There a Reliable Path to Integrity-Centered Fulfillment? A clinical and organizational psychologist since the 1980s, Dr. David Gruder's psychotherapy and leadership mentoring clients taught him an incredibly important secret: Those who naturally attain high levels of integrity-centered fulfillment intuitively develop seven very specific life skills in place of the automated survival habits they developed as children and carried into adulthood. Based on having learned how to successfully teach these "WisePassions™" to thousands of others in keynotes & training programs for a wide range of helping professionals, businesses and leaders, The New IQ book and workbook show YOU how to create integrity-centered life fulfillment while also inspiring the same in your chosen spheres of influence.

The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World reveals the profoundly practical ways Natural Developers create happiness & life fulfillment without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility. The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook shows you step-by-step how to do this yourself. (Energy Psychology Anywhere is a companion to the workbook that provides you with step-by-step-by-step instructions in a particularly powerful set of cutting-edge self-development tools to help you rapidly blow through blocks that may be sabotaging your success.)

Please understand: this material is NOT another self-improvement method. It is a complete road map for integrity-centered living, loving, working and serving. It is designed to help you focus your personal, relationship or leadership development like nothing else you have seen. It was created to enable you to finally get the most out of ANY self-improvement methods you use or professional facilitation you get! This resource is not for using once and put away -- it is for helping you stay on track... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It is truly Strategic Self-Development™.

The 6 book awards The New IQ integrity book received


The New IQ Chapter List
(Key Questions This 6-Award-Winning Book Answers)

  1. What does it take to feel truly authentic, lovable and to make a difference?
  2. Is integrity merely a vague philosophical concept that no one can actually define?
  3. Can I really do intentionally what natural developers do intuitively?
  4. What are the most valuable perspectives about how to live life that are revealed by looking at development with a rear view mirror?
  5. What causes us to sacrifice our authenticity and our sense of right and wrong?
  6. What are the five universal survival strategies that we come to think of as 'who I am'?
  7. How can I acquire some clues about my own hidden survival plan?
  8. How can I discover why my past is limiting my present without having to go through years of soul searching or psychotherapy?
  9. What prerequisites must I meet as an adult in order to feel lovable, worthy and safe?
  10. Is there a predictable rhythm to my development that I should know about?
  11. What is life's way of inviting me into deeper integrity, fuller authenticity, more effective and fulfilling connection with others, and greater contributions to the world?
  12. How do we deal with life until we know how to do what natural developers do?
  13. Isn't there an easier way to develop than by doing deep inner work on ourselves all the time?
  14. Isn't it normal to just want to take a break sometimes?
  15. Is there a single set of core life skills that personal, relationship, leadership and integrity development all depend upon?
  16. What is the key to responding to everything life throws at me with self-responsibility, humility and receptivity?
  17. What is the key to maintaining the abundance of life energy I need for authenticity, connection and service?
  18. What is the key to telling the difference between truth, partial truths and lies?
  19. What is the key to turning difficult life experiences into blessings rather than baggage?
  20. What is the key to expressing my inner light, gifts, deepest truths, and creativity without self-censoring and holding back?
  21. What is the key to co-creating more fulfilling, collaboration-based, productive, and resilient personal and work relationships than I ever thought possible?
  22. What is the key to accurately co-discovering and fully serving the collective highest good?
  23. How can someone in my position in life make a meaningful difference in helping to create a new era of personal, relationship, collective and leadership integrity?

The New IQ Implementation Guide

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Living The New IQ At Home, At Work, & In Your Spheres of Influence

The New IQ Implementation Guide (Workbook) is a 10-module self-guided curriculum that enables you to embody the material in The New IQ book in all aspects of your life in your own unique ways: at home & at work, in your relationships, & your community. It is your key to Strategic Integrated Self-Development™ throughout your life... no matter what resources you choose to use to facilitate your integrated personal, relationship & leadership development along the way.

  • MODULE 1: Your Current Relationship With Your Three Core Drives (Authenticity, Connection & Impact)
  • MODULE 2: Mapping Your Survival & Redemption Plans So You Can Outgrow Them
  • MODULE 3: The Four LifeZones of Adulthood & Upgrading Your Teachability WisePassion™
  • MODULE 4: Upgrading Your Self-Care WisePassion™
  • MODULE 5: Upgrading Your Discernment WisePassion™
  • MODULE 6: Upgrading Your Harvesting WisePassion™
  • MODULE 7: Upgrading Your Power WisePassion™
  • MODULE 8: Upgrading Your Synergy WisePassion™
  • MODULE 9: Upgrading Your Stewardship WisePassion™
  • MODULE 10: Reviewing Your Makeover Successes & Continuing From Here



The New IQ Video Short

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What Influential People Say About The New IQ

Here are but a few of the many kudos The New IQ has received from people in all walks of life, in addition to having won SIX prestigious book awards in a unqiuely broad range categories, and having received universally enthusiastic endorsements from leaders in an unusually wide range of fields...

"If Dr. Gruder's book was out sooner, we might not have fallen into the economic quagmire we are currently trying to crawl out of."
-Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., PBS radio show host, syndicated columnist, Emotional Fitness book series author

"A once-in-a-generation book, galvanizing the human spirit toward a more positive and evolutionary future, and igniting our inner sense of conscientiousness, honor and integrity."
-Lee Pulos, Ph.D., author of The Power of Visualization and The Biology of Empowerment

"Easily the clearest roadmap for putting one foot in front of the other in the marathon of living closer to our ideals and vision in the raw reality of our day-to-day existence."
-Paula Newby-Fraser, 8-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, and "Greatest All-Around Female Athlete in the World" by ABC’s Wide World of Sports

"Profound, yet incredibly easy to read and digest – I could barely put it down. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘Dr. David Gruder’ became a household name as the person who spearheaded a massive transition and transformation in our individual, relational and societal integrity and wholeness."
-Constance Wells, Senior Vice-President, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"If you only read one book this year about your own development as a truly three-dimensional human being, this is the one!"
-George J. Pratt, Ph.D., Chairman, Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla; Coauthor, Instant Emotional Healing: Acupressure for the Emotions

"Leaders need an integrity check-up and Dr. David Gruder is just the man to do it. Too many well-meaning leaders haven’t made the connection between their personal and relationship development and their effectiveness in the collective arena. Dr. Gruder’s simple yet powerful integrity model provides a much-needed shot in the arm."
-Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

"The New IQ deals out world peace as a state of mind. By returning Integrity to the top of what we worship, replacing money and power, Dr. Gruder ushers in the Manifesto of World Peace for the unborn generations of the Global Village in All countries. Those who carry this book, regard Integrity as their priority in parenting, relationship, leadership, career and religious thought. Those who pass on reading The New IQ put integrity lower on their agenda and have lower IQ’s as a result."
-BJ Dohrmann, inventor of Super Teaching, Chairman of CEO Space (IBI)

"As a radio host I read thousands of self-help books, but I consider this the only indispensable one, and I can't recommend it enough..."
-Suzanna Axisa, life coach and radio host of Lanto's Lantern for the discerning self-helper

"If more people understood Dr. Gruder's definition of synergy, and the difference between compromise and true win-win collaboration, we could see a lot more happy marriages and a lot fewer wars."
-Shel Horowitz, award-winning author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, founder of the Business Ethics Pledge,

"The world’s first complete step-by-step guide to developing integrity. Integrates the worlds of personal, relationship and leadership development more tightly, compellingly and practically than any other book has ever done. A must read for anyone who wants to make a difference."
-Robert Schwarz, Psy.D. National Director of Mars Venus Workplace Seminars

"Any human resources executive in the role of being the organization’s moral compass or ‘canary in the coal mine’ should make this a must-read, among the more standard business literature."
-Victoria Berger-Gross, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, Tiffany & Co.

"A practical handbook by a pragmatic visionary, Dr. Gruder offers in The New IQ a powerful lens that reframes many of the problems that vex us today, from our most intimate personal relationships to the international issues that now plague humankind, casting them in a light that makes creating more useful breakthroughs possible."
-Robert W. Fuller, Ph.D., co-founder of The Hunger Project, former president of Oberlin College.

"The New IQ is right on target! If policy makers and leaders from both the developed and developing world took Gruder’s words of wisdom to heart, we would see less political game playing and rhetoric on the international stage and a real movement towards fulfilling the human rights and dignity of vulnerable populations in our world."
-Aileen Kwa, co-author of Behind the Scenes at the WTO (World Trade Organization): The Real World of International Trade Negotiations

"The New IQ goes beyond the usual self-understanding or self-help book by showing the individual how to function with integrity not only in her or his immediate surroundings, but, as well, as a contributing part of the larger society."
-Robert L. Hilliard, Ph.D., former chief of Public Broadcasting at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

"The New IQ brings clarity to the complexities of personal development that is not available from any other source. An excellent step-by-step guide for finding one’s own formula for a complete, confident and productive life. A most excellent and important read, both for today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow."
-Mort Mondale, retired National Educational Association professional development specialist; brother of former Vice President Walter Mondale

"The book of the decade! This long-overdue system for dealing with all of today’s hugely damaging social and political issues through upgrading our understanding of integrity offers the gold it would otherwise take ten other books to reveal."
-C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D, Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association; President, Holos University Graduate Seminary; author of numerous books and articles

"A smart, thoughtful, well-written resource for developing and sustaining integrity, with practical applications and clear direction for the reader... a sorely needed book in these morally and ethically ambiguous times."
-Belleruth Naparstek, author of Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma & How They Heal; and creator of the Health Journeys guided imagery audio series

"You can read 10 self-help books or you can read The New IQ, which is much more than a self-help book. This compassionate guidebook is full of practical wisdom for becoming complete human beings."
-Larry Stoler, MSSA, Ph.D., psychologist, social worker and president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

"This splendid book on heart-smart technology, also called emotional intelligence, nurtures the analytical mind and emotional body, the individual and the collective."
-Bryan Flournoy, "Making It All Click" Visionary Series show host

"The New IQ organizes the many steps in personal, relationship and leadership development into a unified whole, explaining how they fit into a grand developmental scheme. David’s insights may result in him one day being regarded as 'The Sigmund Freud of the twenty-first century.'"
-Dawson Church, Ph.D., author of Soul Medicine and The Genie in Your Genes; co-founder of the Soul Medicine Institute

Dr. Gruder looks forward to you letting him know what YOU have to say about The New IQ!