What Natural Developers Can Teach Us All 

People travel one of three paths with their integrity. Some are Natural Developers. These are people who, like natural athletes, develop 3D integrity effortlessly. The second group are Deliberate Developers. These are like athletes who practice, practice, practice till they excel, even if their initial abilities don't put them in the first group. Finally, there are those who don't choose to continue to develop as adults.

Natural Developers intuitively know how to express their three core drives in a coordinated and integrated way. Their capacity for 3D Living enables them to experience levels of fulfillment that many of the rest of us only yearn for but don't attain. 3D Living is the fulfillment we experience when we attain high levels of personal authenticity, a deep capacity to co-create synergy with others and a joy over having positive impact in the world as stewards of collective highest good. This way of living in full integrity with our three core drives is the secret to Peak Vitality and true fulfillment.

Studying Natural Developers for the past 25+ years has taught me that they achieve this because they seem to instinctively develop seven core life skills. I refer to these core live skills as WisePassions. In teaching Deliberate Developers how to develop on purpose these WisePassions, I have found that they start to experience the same levels of 3D Integrity, 3D Living and 3D Fulfillment that Natural Developers experience.

The Seven WisePassions of 3D Living 
The Seven WisePassions are:

1.     Teachability: I am consistently and authentically open to new ways of understanding and acting that may be useful for me, even if they are substantially different from my pre-existing beliefs and habits.

2.     Self-Care: I consistently have the life energy and organization I need to support all three of my core drives (authenticity, connection, impact).

3.     Discernment: I consistently blend keen insight, good judgment and strong intuition in order to recognize fact from spin and to discover what fits and doesn't fit for me, so that I have right relationship with input from others, from my own inside and from my intuition.

4.     Harvesting: I consistently am able to get the most out of every situation I'm in and experience I have, especially the ones I didn't want to happen.

5.     Power: I consistently embrace my strengths and the light I carry, honor my personal boundaries, and am effective in manifesting my intentions.

6.     Synergy: I am consistently deepening my capacity for love and for co-creating with others.

7.     Stewardship: I am consistently effective at co-discovering with others what serves collective highest good and I consistently do what serves highest good in small everyday ways and in larger ways as well, especially when no one is looking.

These Seven WisePassions appear to be the basic building blocks for personal, relationship, leadership and integrity development. They appear to be the key elements need for 3D Living and fulfillment.

Integrated Personal, Relationship, Leadership and Integrity Development

Adult Development is about regaining our integrity. This is accomplished through outgrowing our Survival and Redemption Plans and upgrading the Seven WisePassions that Natural Developers intuitively develop in order to live in integrity with all three of their core drives. This is the secret to living a fulfilled life that you too can master. The New IQ and its accompanying New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook show you how.

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