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Gruder_Photo_for_Website_smBreaking stories demonstrate daily how our "integrity deficits" are creating our most serious problems. The economic meltdown, socially irresponsible business practices, political corruption, unsustainable government strategies, the erosion of health and healthcare, unhappy and irresponsible citizens, the deterioration of journalism... the list goes on and on. Sad as it is, all of these integrity deficits are an evergreen issue on everyone's minds.

Dr. David Gruder is the clinical & organizational psychologist that Radio & Television Interview Reports calls "America's Integrity Expert." Known to many show hosts as "The Integrity Warrior" and "The Wizard of Integrity," he is the expert the media turn to for integrity analyses of today's stories. Why? Because of his unparalleled talent at reconnecting the dots among integrity, happiness, health, love, job satisfaction, business profitability, right-sizing government, and social responsibility. Because of the hundreds of interviews he has done. Now it's your turn to call upon America's Integrity Expert.

The reason Radio & Television Interview Reports hails Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, as "America's Integrity Expert" goes way beyond hype: over 90% of the media who interview Dr. Gruder are so pleased with his post-partisan interfaith approach to integrity restoration that they call upon him over and over.

Dr. David Gruder is what radio was meant to be: informative and at the same time entertaining. David's cutting edge thinking will keep your listeners riveted and focused on what the issues of the day really mean to them!!!" Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host Michael Ray Dresser, "Dresser After Dark" (conservative show)

"Dr. Gruder is one of the most reasonable, level-headed guests we've ever had on our show. He gives great interviews... whether about the economy, health care reform, political polarization, or any integrity-related story. In fact, his very strong segment on financial integrity was one of the best of the many interviews we've aired on this topic since the financial chaos began. We're delighted to have him as one of our regulars!" Jack Ebling, Ebling & You, WILS Radio, Lansing, Michigan (centrist show)

"Dr. Gruder is an excellent radio guest...clear, concise answers, informative, and most entertaining. It's great he's not merely an author: he belongs behind a mic!" Jerry Puffer, producer/host, KSEN Radio (progressive show)

You're terrific. That's why we keep having you back.” Larry Estepa, Mornings on FamilyNet Radio, Sirius Radio Channel 131 (Christian faith-based show)

"Dr. Gruder's interviews are so engaging, valuable, and well-received, that I keep bringing him back for more. As a self-improvement radio show host, I read thousands of self-help books and I consider Dr. Gruder's book, The New IQ, to be the only indispensable one. I can't recommend it enough!" Suzanna Axisa, host of Lanto's Lantern for the discerning self-helper (new age spirituality show)

“I want you to know how much I enjoyed interviewing you. You were terrific. What's more, your must-read book blows the lid off the mystery of why we have lost our moral compass today. We will have you on many times in the future. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest.” The Midnight Bookworm, Vin Smith, nationally syndicated through the CRN Digital Radio and the National Radio Network (book show)

Isn't it time you started using "The Integrity Warrior" as your integrity expert? Contact Dr. Gruder today.

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