Join the Revolution Against Using Propaganda to Dumb Down the American People

by Dr. David Gruder

In case you still care, the nonpartisan fact checking website PolitiFact has published its analysis of the Republican response to the current version of the health insurance reform legislation being considered in the House of Representatives. Read this piece and then watch the talking heads repeat half-truths and falsehoods over and over because they believe the American public is so stupid that a lie spoken often enough will be perceived as true.

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Even if you don’t care, please join with me to prove that the propagandists are the idiots, not the American people: base your support or opposition to the health insurance reform plan (and all other proposed solutions!) on understanding the real facts, not the rampant spin that keeps being pushed on you from the left and the right as though it’s fact!

The real revolution we need is against propaganda that manipulates public opinion based on the false belief that we are too stupid to form sensible opinions as responsible citizens. I hope you’ll join THIS revolution — the revolution against dumbing down the American people — regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum!

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