Secret Wisdom for Navigating Your Life Journey

This eCourse introduces you to an unusual version of "the facts of life" around which Dr. Gruder's book, The New IQ (to be released in January 2008), is built. No, this is not the "birds and the bees" version of the facts of life, but rather a version we all needed to hear as children, and as adults too, about the secrets to making sense of our life experiences. Through this eCourse you will become acquainted with the anatomy of our childhood Survival Plan and the adulthood LifeZones we repeatedly cycle through as adults.

  • In Lesson One you will be introduced to the Flow of Life roadmap and where it comes from.
  • In Lesson Two you will read a surprising and illuminating story about "the facts of life" that you may well have never before heard.
  • In Lesson Three you will learn more about your childhood Survival Plan and the purpose of Wakeup Calls in your adult life.
  • In Lesson Four you will explore the conceptual version of The Flow of Life that you read a metaphorical version of in Lesson Two.
  • And in Lesson Five you will discover a road map for personal, relationship and leadership development that can help you become a far more savvy consumer of personal, relationship and leadership development resources than ever before. If you are a helping professional, this road map can help you supercharge your ways of assisting those with whom you work.

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