Dr. Gruder wrote the landmark document, A Declaration of Global Responsibility, in response to the events of September 11, 2001 and the problems that led up to that infamous day, because of how profoundly impacted he was by having been in New York on 9/11 and having spent time at Ground Zero during the week following this tragedy.

The Declaration proposes a comprehensive set of principles for dealing with all forms of extremism, or what Dr. Gruder refers to as Fanaticism Disorder.

Fanaticism Disorder is an extreme state of rightness addiction in which I insist that I know what’s right for you, that you are a threat to me until you realize I am right about this, and that I am therefore justified in using any means necessary to control you, including attacking you, until you believe as I do. Fanaticism Disorder is a dangerous form of psychological illness that exists at the extreme ends of all religious, political, economic and philosophical ideologies, and even in science and medicine. Those with Fanaticism Disorder are completely closed to change; they are staunchly unwilling to consider other people’s points of view no matter how much those people feel harmed by the fanatic’s positions. Fanaticism Disorder tends to be most tolerated by those with similar but more moderate views, and tends to be most easily recognized as illness by everyone else.

The Declaration includes two prefaces: one for Americans and the other for Mental Health Professionals.

Below are the links to each of the two prefaces and the Declaration itself.