How to Successfully Collaborate With Others Without Sacrificing Your Truth, Power or Integrity

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • Collaboration between Penelope and Jim is at an all-time low because compromising just doesn't seem to be getting them anywhere anymore.
  • George tries his best to be level-headed and kind with the people around him but he seems unable stop himself from blowing up periodically when he can no longer hold in his "real" reactions.
  • Gwen feels taken advantage of by others so much of the time that she feels resentful and drained.
  • Jack is depressed over how little impact or personal power he seems to have in both his personal and work life.
  • Jennifer has always been particularly sensitive to the energies around her and, as a result, cycles back and forth between two unpleasant experiences of feeling energetically invaded and drained, or being so walled off that she feels disconnected from those around her.

All these situations are examples of problems with boundaries. Being over-boundaried or under-boundaried is the secret source of conflict, codependence, anger problems, negotiation breakdowns, disempowerment, inauthenticity and many other self-esteem, integrity, problem-solving, teamwork and relationship difficulties!

Simply stated, a boundary is any limit I need to honor so I can love or work with you without resentment and with integrity. Boundaries are not confrontation devices, lines drawn in the sand, ultimatums or manipulation tools. Rather, they are essential skills for living authentically at the intersection of integrity, personal power and collaboration. And they are the most essential skills of all when it comes to anger prevention.

Coercion and compromise violate personal boundaries. Neither strategy is capable of creating sustainable solutions in any relationship, whether with your loved ones or work associates, or in society, from communities to international relations. Synergy is the only problem-solving and negotiating strategy that creates sustainable solutions. Boundaries Intelligence is the master skill that makes synergy possible.

Dr. Gruder has taught Boundaries Intelligence and Synergy Skills to work supervisors and teams, the public, educators, parents, couples, therapy clients, helping professionals, and politicians (all the way up to international ambassadors) for nearly 20 years. His Conquering Anger Mountain strategies have helped thousands find a better way to deal with differences, boundaries violations, and conflict. From his extensive experience teaching people how to effectively and compassionately honor their boundaries and prevent or resolve anger, he has developed a unique, exlusive and easily-learned method for developing Boundaries Intelligence: the NICE™ Boundaries method.

This free eCourse provides you with clarity and tools you can start using right away to expand your Boundaries Intelligence. You will learn:

  • Boundaries Intelligence in Four Practical Steps
  • Boundaries Myths & Truths
  • Four Little-Known Secrets About Boundaries
  • Why People Fail to Honor Their Boundaries
  • Why Boundaries Intelligence is a Vital Master Life Skill
  • What It Takes to Develop or Upgrade Your Boundaries Intelligence

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