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Roger Goodell Does It Again… This Time With the Head Coach of the New England Patriots

by Dr. David Gruder

Continuing his dedication to refusing to tolerate yet another example of lack of integrity, Roger Goodell, the head of the National Football League, fined New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a record half million dollars for defying NFL rules by spying on his opponent’s coaches during a football game. This is the maximum financial fine Goodell is authorized to levee. He also fined the New England Patriots organization and additional quarter-million dollars. And he took away one of their draft picks in next year’s draft. Bravo, Roger Goodell.

Mayor Jerry Sanders: Selling Out or Integrity?

by Dr. David Gruder

Jerry Sanders, mayor of San Diego, California, earlier this week changed his political position about gay marriage. I have closely watched the video of his announcement (the link is below).

Many will agree with Sanders’ position and many will disagree. Some may say this was a political stunt on Sanders’ part. For me, all such arguments miss the point.

Michael Vick Followup

by Dr. David Gruder

This post is a follow-up to my last one about how Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick role-modeled lack of integrity. This post is about how he may be beginning his long journey toward integrity.

Michael Vick is Painful Example of Being Out of Integrity With the Collective & as a Leader

by Dr. David Gruder

Michael Vick is the now-indefinitely suspended Atlanta Falcons NFL quarterback who pleaded guilty earlier this week to charges related to funding the ugly and cruel business of dog-fighting matches and then gambling on the outcomes of the matches. He provides a particularly chilling and painful example of lack of two forms of integrity: Collective Integrity and Leadership Integrity.

The Vatican’s Ten Commandments for Drivers

by Dr. David Gruder

The Vatican has issued a set of guidelines to help bring motorists into what I would term Driving Integrity.  Here are the Vatican’s “Ten Commandments for Motorists:”