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What World Leaders — and Us — Can Do in Response to the Paris Massacre of November 2015

by Dr. David Gruder
This is an open letter to political, religious and human potential thought leaders in the wake of Paris’s version of 9/11. I believe the following words by Les Brown reflect the highest intentions of perhaps most political, religious and human potential thought leaders, as well as the sentiments of perhaps the majority of humanity: "May we explore ways to create peace within ourselves, and to build a world where our common humanity is much greater than our differences. May we also work together to endure that this type of senseless violence never happens again!" Like most of us, my heart is [...]

What World Leaders — and Us — Can Do in Response to the Paris Massacre of November 2015

by Dr. David Gruder
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The terrorism attacks in Paris are yet another example of just how dangerous Fanaticism Disorder can be. My heart is with all Parisians at this time, and all those outside Paris as well, who have been traumatized by the 11/13/2015 attacks. As part of my own healing from being in the New York area on and after 9/11, I wrote "A Declaration of Global Responsibility.” Its ten integrated psychospiritual principles for responding to all forms of extremism, and the terrorism this so often leads to in today’s world, seem as relevant today as it felt to me back then. Here [...]

Tribute to Dorothea Hover-Kramer

by Dr. David Gruder

When I returned Stephanie Eldringhoff’s phone call as I was driving home from a long day of business meetings in Los Angeles on Tuesday January 15 2013, her first words were, “pull over to the side of the road.” I of course knew this meant she was about to deliver extraordinarily good news or bad news. From the composed but shock-filled tone in her voice, it seemed clear that it would likely be the latter. But, about whom or what?

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by Dr. David Gruder


Please Complete This Brief Synchronicity Experiences Survey

by Dr. David Gruder

 Are You In Sync With Synchronicity?

For Entrepreneurs and CEOs

by Dr. David Gruder

The following information is specifically for entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Using Consciousness Not Politics to Decide Who to Vote For

by Dr. David Gruder

As the next US Presidential election approaches I would like to offer a different framework for deciding who to vote for. One that's based less on political ideology and more on consciousness and right relationship with power.

"Power makes emperors and kings look like fools." (From the forthcoming movie remake of The Lone Ranger.)

I recommend that you vote for whichever national, state and local candidates you believe:

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by Dr. David Gruder

I hope you will participate in this illuminating and fun webinar in which I'll be interviewed by Steve Bhaerman, AKA Swami Beyondananda...

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