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Role Modeling Includes Not Rescuing Businesses From the Consequences of Their Narcissism

by Dr. David Gruder

In a fascinating move, the US House of representatives just defeated the financial bailout bill by a vote of 238-205.

I'm not at all convinced that they are coming fully clean with the American public about why they could not get the majority needed in order to pass this legislation that they themselves had helped to write.

Spin Busting Lessons Courtesy of the Daily Show

by Dr. David Gruder

Laugh while you learn through two of Jon Stewart's spin-busting satires from The Daily Show. Forgive the brief advertisements placed at the beginning of these clips -- I don't have the ability to eliminate them.

A Poll About John McCain and Barack Obama

by Dr. David Gruder

I invite you to answer the following 14 questions about Barack Obama and John McCain. Vote on whichever questions you are confident you currently have a deep enough understanding of each candidate to have developed an informed opinion. For what I hope are obvious reasons related to integrity, I have NOT voted on any of these items.

If there are items you don't yet feel informed enough to vote on -- and this is very likely -- here are the most valuable things you can do to become informed in as spin-free a way as possible:

Consider These Perspectives About Our Financial Debacle

by Dr. David Gruder

Consider this concise five minute speech on the floor of the House of Represenatives by Representative Marcy Kaptur on her perspective about the source of our financial crisis and the solution. This strikes me as an attempt at true synergy of conservative and progressive wisdom about this issue. See what you think.

Obama’s Latest Spin Violations

by Dr. David Gruder

A summary of Senator Obama's recent spin violations appeared in today's New York Times (despite claims by some that this newspaper is a puppet of liberalism):

Is Tightening Credit Qualifications Really Such a Bad Thing?

by Dr. David Gruder

As of the second quarter of 2008, total US debt was rapidly approaching $50 trillion.

Just What Is Greed, Really?

by Dr. David Gruder

Today's financial meltdown has brought the issue of greed front and center in our collective awareness. However, like the word "integrity," the word "greed" is being wildly thrown about without really defining it.

There are two forms of greed that are largely responsible for damaging the fabric of our society: "Financial Greed" and "Special Interest Greed."

Dr. Gruder’s Debtism Summary

by Dr. David Gruder

Here is a summary of my perspective about our current highly dysfunctional economic system of Debtism that has replaced true capitalism and has been destroying our economy for decades even though we only recently started paying attention to this: